Timberline Animal Hospital – Spay / Neuter

Dog Spay Neuter Cat Spay Neuter – By Dr. Hitt

Hello, I am Dr. Roger Hitt of the Timberline Animal Hospital and I am here today with my canine Cody Murphy to talk about spaying and neutering. Basically, we recommend spaying and neutering to pets that are 4 to 6 months of age and have completed their puppy and kitty vaccination series. When we take the pets in for all surgical procedures, we offer free anesthetic blood testing that will help us determine that the pet has good liver and kidney function in order for the pet to handle the anesthesia. We do require that your pet be current with its core vaccinations.

Dog Spay Neuter Cat Spay Neuter – No Cost Drop Off

We are a very service-oriented organization. We perform surgeries throughout the course of the day, Monday thru Friday; so, there’s plenty of time during the week to bring your pet to Timberline Animal Hospital. They can be in and out on the same day or we offer a drop-off the day before the surgery and recovery services overnight without additional cost. We have basic in-house prices; but, we do honor a lot of the spaying and neutering coupons that are available. The advantages of spaying or neutering are well-known, some of which are that it prevents your pets from cycling and they tend to become loveable pets by not doing things such as marking territories or running out to mate with other pets, particularly cats and certain breeds of dogs. Surgery is performed in a modern surgical suite and a recovery facility.

Dog Spay Neuter Cat Spay Neuter Includes Pain Meds

One thing that distinguishes us from others is that we provide pain medications that are included in the surgical fees. Most people find our spay and neuter surgeries very good and for reference, rescue centers, humane society centers and pet shops bring their pets to Timberline AH for spaying and neutering. With cats, it is a good idea to declaw the front feet or all four at the same time they are spayed or neutered, eliminating the need for another anesthesia if done at another time. Declawed cats are less likely to destroy or scratch furniture, small children, adult pet handlers and other cats if there are other cats in the household.

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