Timberline Animal Hospital – Heartworm Pet Meds

Heartworm Pet Meds – by Dr Roger Hitt

Hello, I am Dr. Roger Hitt and I am on the staff of Timberline Animal Hospital. On this segment, I am going to talk about canine heartworm disease. Geographically in the Chicago-land area heartworm disease increases dramatically as one goes farther away from the city. Being here in Joliet, Illinois we are 50 miles from Chicago. We are fortunate enough to be in an open and a growing area; but, with the rivers, lakes and reservoirs in the area mosquitoes abound. Mosquitoes are a factor in heartworm disease. They bite one infected dog and transmit the virus to other dogs. This is the reason why all dogs are tested and put on preventatives, including those that stay inside the house all the time.

Heartworm Pet Meds – Free First Dose

We recommend annual heartworm tests for dogs that are 6 months of age or older. This is usually done with the annual wellness exam and annual vaccinations. To reiterate, all dogs need to be tested for heartworms. When we perform the free new-pet exam, we give the puppy a free first-dose of heartworm preventative. We do not recommend seasonal medications anymore. Preventatives are given once a month throughout the dog’s life, even during the winter months. It is a little known fact that heartworm preventatives also prevent your pet from contracting intestinal worms. Intestinal worm larvae survive the winter cold; so, even if the mosquitoes are not around we want your dog protected from intestinal worms.

Heartworm Pet Meds

We carry Heartgard which is conveniently chewable. We also carry a generic medication in tablet form for less money called Tri-heart. We also have a pre-packaged product called custom parasite control compounded by one of our pharmacies and specifically formulated to your pet’s weight. It is economically priced and costs less than that which is offered by the internet pharmacies. We also recommend that outdoor cats take one of the specially-made feline heartworm preventatives. Thank you for watching the video.