Timberline Animal Hospital – Grooming and Boarding

Dog Boarding Grooming – Cat Boarding Grooming

Hi, I am Dr. Roger Hitt of Timberline Animal Hospital. I am at our grooming facility and this is Lauren, our head groomer. Lauren is a very experienced groomer. She is a graduate of grooming school and has 7 years experience. Lauren does all types of grooming for both large and small dogs and cats. Unlike other places that take early morning appointments only, Lauren is available for morning and afternoon appointments 5 days a week. She is also available on Saturday mornings. As you can see, Lauren is working on a puppy dog that looks clean and happy. We strive to keep our pets clean and happy here at the Timberline Animal Hospital.

Dog Boarding Grooming – Indoor and Outdoor Runs

We also offer indoor and outdoor runs for dogs right here in our facilities. This is the outdoor facility where pets can roam and enjoy the open area and get plenty of sun. Pets are let out twice a day. Actually, we are one of the few facilities that have both indoor and outdoor runs. One advantage we have is that we are open 7 days a week allowing our clients to pick up their dogs even on Sundays.

Dog Boarding Grooming – Drop off / Pick Up

Additionally, we allow you to drop off your pet for cat vaccinations and wellness examination or a dog vaccination and wellness examination on the way to work and then pickup your pet of the way back from work. Since we are right off of I-55, this can be quite a time saver. Since we are open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 7PM, you have time to drop off your pet on the way to work and then get your pet on the way home.

Please note that while we are open from 7 AM to 7 PM, we reserve walk-in to only certain times. Please call us to be sure that Dr. Hitt can see you.