Shorewood Animal Hospital

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Shorewood IL Veterinarians, Dr. Ken Overmeyer.

Hi, thanks in advance for letting us introduce Shorewood Animal Hospital. My name is Dr. Ken Overmeyer, of Shorewood Animal Hospital. I have been affiliated with animal hospitals since 1991 and I graduated from Purdue University.

Shorewood IL Veterinarians, Dr. Maria Overmeyer

Hi, I am Dr. Maria Overmeyer and I have been at Shorewood AH since 2003. I am a 1991 graduate of Purdue University.

Shorewood IL Veterinarians, Dr. David Robinson

Hi, I am Dr. David Robinson and I have been with the clinic since 2005. I came from Iowa State University.

Shorewood IL Veterinarians’ Staff

Hi, I am Joan and I have been with the clinic since 1976.

Hi, my name is Rachel. I have been with the clinic since July of 2007. I am currently a vet tech in training thru Penn Foster University.

Hello, I am James. I have been with the hospital for about 3 years and I am a veterinary assistant.

Hi, my name is Saul. I have been with the hospital since 2009 and I am a veterinary assistant.

Hi, my name is Kathy and I have been with the hospital since 2003. I am the receptionist.

Shorewood IL Veterinarians’ History

Thank you for watching our video. Again, my name is Dr Ken Overmeyer. Let me give you a little bit of information about our animal hospital that has been located here in Shorewood since 1976. It was started by my old partner Dr Edward Phelan. He started from a small little trailer from up front to a modern 2400 square foot building that has been here and still going strong. We have gone from a trailer and now we have radiographs. We can do chemistry panels, CBCs, etc. our machines are similar to machines used in hospitals for humans. We use lasers to determine the type and number of cells. We have anesthetic machines that are used in human hospitals. We monitor blood pressure, EKGs and everything that can be done in human hospitals, so we’ve really grown from that small, little trailer.

Dr. Ken Overmeyer enjoys doing surgery.

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself. Again, I graduated from Purdue in 1991 as I mentioned earlier. I don’t really specialize; but, one of the things that I am interested in is wellness. We are one of the first hospitals to go with the 3-year distemper vaccine. I am interested in staying modern. I don’t want to do for your animal more than what is needed. I want to be here and be able to answer your questions as honestly as I can. I really enjoy doing surgery. I’ve done a number of soft tissue orthopedic procedures. There are other orthopedic procedures that I would love to do; but, unfortunately we do not have the equipment and in those cases we have to refer those to specialty clinics. Again, our number one goal here at Shorewood Animal Hospital is to make sure you are comfortable with what we do, to make sure you understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. We want all your questions answered before we do it.

Dr. Maria Overmeyer enjoys pediatrics and internal medicine.

And now, let me introduce my wife, Dr Maria Overmyer who will tell you what she likes. Hi. My main interests are soft tissue surgery, pediatrics and general internal medicine. I’m brilliant in working with puppies and kittens and taking care of them making sure that they develop into healthy adults that will have long and healthy lives.

Dr. Dr David Robinson enjoys working with felines and rodents.

I am Dr David Robinson. I graduated from Iowa State in 2001 and practiced throughout central Iowa and Illinois until I came here. I have to say I really enjoy working here because they have a different perspective in having a one on one interaction between the doctor and client instead of having the veterinary staff get in the way, allowing the doctor to form better bonds with the client and the patient. My love and interest are, of course, felines and rodents. I love working with those two species. I do mostly preventive medicine, so you don’t have to see me too much for long-term diseases in the long run. I like to prevent that before it even happens.