Foxmoor Veterinary Clinic

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Aurora IL Pet Vet – Dr. Lyle Brumley has many credentials.

Hello. I’m Doctor Lyle Brumley, owner of the Foxmoor Veterinary Clinic. We are located in Aurora, IL.

I am proud to say that I once served as the president of the Illinois Academy of Veterinary Medicine. Presently, I am a Life Member of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association as well as a Life Member of the American Veterinary Association and a Life Member of the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association. I have been very active throughout the years with the various organized veterinary “clubs”. Again, I am very proud of all of these things.

Aurora IL Pet Vet – An Inside Tour

I’d like to welcome you to our clinic with this video tour while showing you what the inside of a veterinary clinic looks like.

Jenny, our clinic’s receptionist (appearing in this video) has been with us for many years. She’s worked here at our clinic off-and-on while completing her degree at Iowa State. Veterinary School is definitely on her list of possibilities for a career-pursuit in the near future.

The “Canine-Doggie-Room” has a hydraulic lift table that comes in handy when I need to work with larger dogs. It helps to make it easier for me to weigh them and control them during wellness examinations with vaccinations.

The pharmacy is where we keep our supply of pet meds. This pet pharmacy is computer-equipped. It is also furnished with necessary lab equipment that includes the centrifuges and the veterinary microscopes.

The Prep Room is used to shave, wash, and prep the animals for surgery. We also have the lab equipment that runs various blood samples and bloodwork that we need in order to keep up with the pets.

The surgery room is small and functional all the same. It is the same room where we keep the surgery anesthesia machine and the video otoscope. The video otoscope machine comes equipped with a camera that allows us to look down into an animal’s ear. It is possible to look down into the pet’s ear canal and see the close-ups on the viewing video screen. We use that machine to clean the pets’ ears and to diagnose diseases that may infect the animals’ ear canals. We have an electric surgical unit in the surgery room and also a portable X-ray unit that we use to take X-rays of the pets (on the surgery table).

We have banks of cages where the pets can rest up after their surgeries. In this video, you’ll see a pretty kitty that is recuperating after having a declaw and spay procedure that was done on her earlier that morning. She was scheduled to go home the next morning.

Aurora IL Pet Vet , Dr Brumley, wants you as a client.

This all gives you a little bit of a background and a “miniature tour” through a veterinary clinic (my veterinary clinic). No two veterinary clinics are alike. This one here is serving me very well. I’d like to have you as a client. It’s been a pleasure taking you through this tour. Hopefully, I’ll see you in the near future.

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