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Heartworm Pet Meds by Dr. Lyle Brumley

Hello. My name is Dr. Lyle Brumley. I am a veterinarian and the proud owner of the Foxmoor Veterinary Clinic that is located here in Aurora, IL.

I want to talk about one of the parasites that are a real problem with our canine friends. It’s called Heartworm Disease.

The mosquito is the critter that starts the process go now. The mosquito bites an infected canine . After the mosquito bites the infected canine, the mosquito is then able to pass that little microscopic heartworm to a different feline or canine. When the heartworm matures and goes through a series of molts, this progresses into the development of an adult worm. It then gets caught in the vessels of the pets’s heart. The heart cannot beat when there are 50 worms clogging the heart.

Heartworm Pet Meds require testing.

At our clinic, we draw a blood sample from the patient using at the time of the annual wellness exam and vaccinations. After we get the blood sample, we run a test on that sample. This is done so that we can find out weather or not the dog is positive.

In this video, I’ll show you a heart mold that gives you a description of what these worms actually look like as they infect a heart.

Once the blood is drawn, we use a test here that is called an Antigen Test. We are trying to find out weather or not the worm has been in the patient. We run the test by dropping three drops of blood on it. We then wait ten minutes. Once we have the results, we then can know if the patient is positive or negative.

Heartworm Pet Meds I use Iverhart Plus.

If the patient is negative (which is what we want), we then STRONGLY suggest putting the dog on a chewable (once-a-month) heartworm preventative medicine that will clean out and kill (within the dog’s bloodstream) the little microfilaria (the little small worms) that are transmitted by the mosquito. This has something to do with the phrase, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This is probably the best idea and information that we can give you with regards to using this particular medicine.

The medicine that I use is called Iverhart Plus. It kills the heartworm larva that is floating around in the bloodstream. This product also contains medicine that helps to prevent roundworms in canines. Roundworms are transmitted from animal to animal. Roundworms can also be transmitted to humans by not washing your hands after petting a ANY INFECTED ANIMAL.

Sometimes, those roundworms can cause great problems in humans. I was just reading recently about a little child that had it. The little child had a larva form of the roundworm that was in his eye. We don’t want that.

Heartworm Pet Meds bought online are NOT warrantied.

I want to mention something that is important concerning the Iverhart Plus product. If you buy it from the veterinarian, you are covered with a warranty. If the dog comes down with heartworm disease, the company will take care of the charges for having the dog treated for heartworms. If you buy this product through the internet pharmacies, that warranty does NOT hold. You may end up buying this product from our clinic, and something bad happens. We then take complete care of the dog at no cost to you. If you bought your heartworm medicine through an internet pharmacy, you are on your own. That means that you might end up paying anywhere from $700 to $1000 for treatment out of your pocket because the company will NOT issue a warranty if the product is bought through an internet pharmacy.

The heartworm testing of your dog needs to be done on an annual basis. We first need to make SURE weather or not the dog has heartworms. That becomes a yearly test. If we don’t test them once per year, we CANNOT put them on the preventative medicine.