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Pet Spay Neuter by Dr. Jean Churan

I am Dr. Churan from the Animal Clinic of South Elgin and I am going to give you some information about the importance of spaying or neutering your pets. The reason we do that is for their health. Spaying and neutering generally lead to a longer life for your pets. Also, for indoor cats this is a good time to consider declawing.

Spaying or neutering could prevent some tumors caused by hormones from developing. The incidence of breast cancer in female dogs is directly related to the number of heat periods. The more heat periods your dog has, the higher the incidence of breast cancer which in dogs is almost always malignant. This can be completely avoided by spaying. When we spay your dog or your cat before their first heat cycle the incidence of breast cancer is virtually zero. In male dogs certain anal tumors are very exposed to the testosterone hormone as well as to prostate problems, and again neutering your pet (which is the surgical procedure for male dogs), can prevent this problem if done at a young age.

We recommend spaying and neutering at 6 months of age. We feel that the dogs are old enough to handle the anesthetic and they are mature enough to have developed their breed characteristics at that point.

Spay Neuter Surgical Procedure Room

When we do spay or neuter we use gas anesthetic. This is our surgical procedure room. We do have gas anesthetic. We have electronic heart and blood pressure monitoring which we use during each procedure. We have oxygen pumped into the building where we can plug our machine to, as well as gas evacuation so that we do not have excess gas anesthetic in the room.

This is our stainless steel surgical table which is heated for the comfort of your pet. When pets are anesthesized they can lose body heat and our smaller pets tend to lose body heat on a cold surface when anesthesized. So, this is a heated surface and we feel our pets will be more comfortable during surgery and at warmup when they wake up. We also have a recovery area. We have heated cages so that when our pets wake up they would be more comfortable waking up on a heated surface and we find that our pets are so much more comfortable and happier. Obviously, our goal is for them to have a comfortable procedure.

Spay Neuter Health and Behavior Benefits

The long term health benefits are known and obviously we also want to deal with the psychological benefits. Male dogs, as they mature, the testosterone kicks into their system and many of them will become dog-aggressive. They become leg lifters to urinate which is a territorial marking behavior. It is very inconvenient for owners whose pets lift their legs to mark the kitchen table leg or the corners of bedspreads. We want to prevent this behavior. It is far easier to prevent problems than it is to solve them.

Spay Neuter may preserve the young pet’s personality.

Once your dog has decided that it does not like other male dogs, changing its mind is very difficult. I have some people tell me that they are concerned about neutering their pet because they don’t want their pet to change. What I am going to tell you is that your pets will change if you don’t neuter them. When they are puppies they have wonderful personalities. They like everyone because they have not developed hormonal behaviors and if we don’t neuter them they become sexually mature and that’s when these hormonal behaviors develop and this will change your dog. If you like the personality of your puppy or your kitten, neutering them will keep their desirable personalities. It is good for their health and it is good for their behavior and they are better pets. All of us want pets to be good members of our family and neutered pets will become a good part of our family.

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