Animal Clinic of South Elgin – Cat Boarding


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I am Dr. Churan from the Animal Clinic of South Elgin.

Cat Boarding Is Exclusive To Our Clients’ Well Cats.

This is our feline only boarding facility and it is for our cats that are well. We board only for our regular patients so we don’t have a large facility boarding a lot of cats. It’s very small so we can offer very personal treatment. Of course, you can always register online and become our client.

These are what we call condos. They can be adjusted for families with more than 1 cat by opening up the dividing wall between 2 condos useful content. This door is the opening to the litter pan area. We place the litter pan here so it is not in the main room where the food and water are located so it is more comfortable and cleaner for the cats.

Cat Boarding Only- No Dogs Allowed!

We also have cat trees. This room is dedicated to cats only; we do not have the dogs in here. Many cats like dogs; but, others are not comfortable being with strange dogs in the same room with the barking, etc. So, this is strictly a cat facility. We have a lot of glass windows here so the cats can look out and see what is going on outside. The condos have clear back walls allowing the cats to look out to the parking lot where there are plenty of trees, keeping them occupied so that they are not in a sterile environment. We do have a couple of climbing trees.

Cat Boarding includes Play and Exercise.

We let our cats loose individually so they can get their exercise. This is Taco in the cubby hole. He likes to play in here where he can see what is going on. Letting the cats out individually allows them to play at their own individual levels.