80% of Prospective Clients are within 5 miles of your Practice


Only VMO Utilizes 10 Online Marketing Paradigms
within 5 miles of your Practice

  1. Prospective clients want to meet you “virtually in person” at any time of the day or night. They want to listen to your advice on puppy vaccinations, kitten vaccinations, spay neuter, and veterinary dentistry.  For example, if a prospective client searches for “spay neuter” and selects your ad,  VMO will “land” that client on a specific web page. That web page will display  a  transcript and your YouTube®  video on “spay neuter”.  They can also request a quote there.
  2. VMO tells Google about your YouTube Videos. Google owns YouTube. This linking helps to get your name closer to the top of the search results page.  Around 80% of the money goes to the top 3 local search results that match the prospective clients specific desires.
  3. New clients want a way to  discreetly ask you for quote by e-mail (on their PC or smartphone) during normal business hours.  People often use the internet at work.
  4. VMO develops a specialized website to attract and market to ONLY NEW CLIENTS.  Almost 100%  of  visitors are new local prospects. These prospects are searching by entering the phrase “cat spay costs”, “rabies shots”, “Veterinarian in …” or “Animal Hospital in…”.  VMO bids more or less based on the likelihood that the prospect will actually drive to your Practice. For example,  if the client is in the same city (or very nearby city) as your Practice, VMO bids a lot more. Let me give you a “dirty little secret”; Google has 80% market share of all paid search. If you don’t pay Google, you show up ONLY for your home town.  Just  do a Google search for the phrase veterinarian in any nearby city. Your Practice must pay Google to show up.
  5. VMO develops a specialized website for Iphone and Android Smart Phones. If your website can’t switch to a smartphone, you are wasting more and more of your marketing money.
  6. VMO adds YouTube Videos to  your Google Places Page to help get your name closer to the top.
  7. VMO provides coupons for you to hand out to your clients to request reviews.
  8. VMO uses Google’s Display Ad Network and Facebook’s Display Ad Network to keep your name constantly in front of  local pet owners. Only VMO offers cost effective local branding..
  9. VMO continues to advertise to every past online visitor via Google Remarketing…
  10. VMO markets you on Facebook through your own clients. Clients write reviews that are posted to Facebook thereby recommending you to their friends.  The Internet is the new word of mouth.

We are willing to risk money to market your Practice!

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