VMO solves 3 Computer-Marketing Problems

The 3 BIGGEST PROBLEMS you will ever have in computerizing and marketing your privately owned Veterinary Practice…

1. “Do-it-yourself” chews up your time like a puppy with an old sock.
A DVM makes money by handling pet health problems and loses money by handling computer health problems. (Time = money.) Unless you love spending your “free time” stuck in front of a computer screen, hire a professional for the long-term care and feeding of your computer system.

Sure, everyone has a brother-in-law, uncle, or a friend-of-a-friend that “knows computers” and will give you a low, “one-shot” price to help you pull mail order PCs out of the box and will spend as much of your “free” time as it takes to hopefully make it work. Sounds like fun. Hey, there are even “fun” books on “Computer Networking and Security for Dummies” and “Accounting and Tax Preparation for Dummies”. Do you trust your accounting and tax preparation to a “one-shot” hobbyist? Why then would you trust a “one shot” hobbyist to protect countless hours of your work?

You handle all of the Veterinary problems. Only VMO will handle all the computer problems.

2. Countless hours of work can vanish in a blink of a light.

Also , “Do-it-yourself” sometimes becomes “Do-it-TO-yourself”. It takes a lot of work and time and discipline (and almost clinical paranoia) to guarantee the safety of your information. Unless you are copying your Practice’s information each day to a 2nd computer (like Only VMO does), you really don’t know if your backups are working. When (and not if) “the Humpty Dumpty of disk drives” loses all your information, your Practice could be in for the loss of countless hours of work .

Close your eyes and imagine what would happen if you hit your PC’s hard drive with a big hammer (or 3 quick power surges). Who will fix it? How much ? How soon? When was the last backup? Is the last backup good? (You’re thinking: “Hey, I have a waiting room full of paying clients and I don’t have time to think about this now.” However, as George Bush would tell you, the time to plan for a disaster is before the levee breaks and you’re up to your ears in alligators.)

3. Any other computer solution does not care if you make money.

Would you open your checkbook and pay your employees 5 years in advance? Why then would you pay for the long-term care and feeding of your computer system 5 years in advance? Also, every other computer solution’s marketing ideas lap up your time like a hungry kitten with a huge saucer of cream. Only VMO can and will take direct, daily responsibility for protecting your information, training new employees, mailing your vaccination reminders, and marketing your Practice to new homeowners.

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